Our story

Our story

Our Story

The year was 1974 when our founder, Jeffrey Soo, saw a problem(and opportunity) in the servicing of fire extinguishers. Back then when there was no Google, customers were often misinformed and even cheated by companies who were “servicing” these fire extinguishers. He thought there was definitely a better way to serve these business that needed their fire extinguishers to be serviced properly. On the 30th of August 1974, Fire Fighter Industry was formed with the mission of making the servicing of fire extinguishers easier and more honest. 

The team of 2, started banging on doors, offering their services to businesses in Kuala Lumpur, where they were headquartered. Headquartered, being a small shop lot in Jalan Imbi, KL. This happened for a couple of years until Jeffrey expanded his operations and moved to ANOTHER OFFICE. 

Fast forward to 1994, Michelle Hah(the wife of Jeffrey Soo) joined the team of 15 at Sungai Besi, their 8th office location. This partnership pushed Fire Fighter forward into becoming one of the only manufacturers of fire extinguishers in Malaysia in the year 1996. 5 years later, they received the ISO 9001:1994 from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. 

Even with all these achievements coming from a KL boy with only an SPM degree, Jeffrey Soo has always envisioned his company to be on the oldest, and most iconic highway of Malaysia, the Federal Highway. In 2004, this dream was achieved when Fire Fighter moved their headquarters to the 10th Mile, Federal Highway. 

Residents of Klang Valley will most definitely have seen the iconic building that resembles a fire extinguisher along  the federal highway. Standing at 4 stories tall, and occupied by a dedicated team of 130 employees, Fire Fighter has set its goal to be the leading fire safety company in Malaysia.

With ISO certified teams in the servicing & manufacturing of fire extinguishers, as well as teams in the designing and installation of fire protection systems, this goal has definitely been met. This has been solidified further by being highlighted on National Geographic series, Small but Mighty in the year 2018. 

So what’s next for Fire Fighter? 

With fires still happening every day in Malaysia, Fire Fighter won’t stop in providing Malaysia with the best fire safety services and equipment. 

Our goal now is to #FireproofMalaysia. 

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